• Suzannah Pettigrew

    Suzannah Pettigrew is an artist, curator and producer living and working in London. Suzannah’s interdisciplinary practice spans print, video, paint, montage and performance works and exhibits internationally in solo and group exhibitions. Alongside this she is the co-founder of The Depot gallery and studios in Clapton, London – where for the past three years acted as lead curator for the exhibition programme. Leaving earlier this year to focus on her artistic practice.

    Suzannah took on the role as producer at NTS radio for the Parallel Visions series at the ICA, where NTS were last years music partner. Suzannah also works as a technician, installing exhibitions in some of London’s great art institutions including Saatchi Gallery, Somerset House and The Barbican as well as doing private installations for WAH Nails and Vans. Suzannah recently designed the set for the global TTYA x Long Tall Sally S/S15 campaign which featured in Times Square.




    Fifteen (July 2014)

    “This performance is to rid my subconscious of any urgency to be glorified. Renouncing any previous interest in aspirational validation. Giving myself the promised fifteen minutes before it’s handed to me. Presenting a visual representation as what I deem to be my highest commercial value. Based on the conditioned general consensus of the archetypal celebrated woman. Being put on a pedestal and being pushed off, performing equally as the pushed and the pusher.”

    If you receive a round of applause in a forest and no one else is around to hear it, does it still make a sound? (August 2013)

    “This performance is a physical representation of a digital act and in turn a digitally produced emotion. It demonstrates isolation and celebration. Encouraging us to produce a spectacular representation of our projected existence as global expression. Enhanced by the ritual of applause as a universal celebratory tool, the role of the spectator controls how we become estranged from ourselves.”


    To view Suzannah’s full archive of work see her website below.




    Bookings: hannah@echolocationtalent.com