• Fotomachine


    D Bryce, the south London music producer behind the Fotomachine moniker, has mastered the art of balance.  His selections and productions manage to tiptoe the fine line between yesteryear classics and the unknown sound of tomorrow. Spending much of his youth around the pioneering Saxon Sound System, (the very same Saxon who influenced Massive Attack and UK Sound System culture)  it would be fair to say Bryce is a Sound Boy by birth right.

    Drawing inspiration from Black dance music with a hint of the offkey has found fans in Benji B to Fourtet, leading to Fourtet requesting a remix from the man himself. Outside of the studio, Bryce set up the fast rising Ninja Tune imprint Technicolour records .  The label has released top picks from artists such as KUTMAH, Hieroglyphic Being, Legowelt and Florian Kupfer and is on a mission to release the best electronic possible.  Culture.












    Enquiries: info@familyartmusic.com